Traditional Thailand wedding culture & ceremony

Traditional kneeling ceremony: At the traditional kneeling ceremony, the bride and groom will kneel to the elders according to the generation order to show their respect, and then offer elders a high-foot plate with a candle, after which the bride and groom’s wrist can be tied together. The new couple offer the elders with a gift of courtesy. and then kneel again.

Sprinkling ceremony: The bride and groom are on the left and the groom is sitting on the right. Respectable monk will put a wreath on them, and put a powder on their forehead and put on a double-wedding ring. Then it was the blessing of the parents and the elders dripping clear water on their heads. If the ceremony is to be carried out in the morning, it is the wedding reception at noon, and there will be a wedding celebration in the evening.

A bed-laying ceremony: Those who love, have a son or have a good heart will give their blessing to the new couple. Putting some auspicious items on the bed, for example: a white gourd. At the time of the night, the elder will take the bride’s hand to the bridegroom and offer his own blessing.

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